2008. április 15., kedd



Before / After

Jin-jang confetties

Standard form caricatures (circle, square, etc.)

Crucified Easter lamb

Cut off a ball-like piece of meat, pierce it through with a stick. Pierce it through with another one crosswise since it is going to keep the crucifix together. Cut a longish piece off the meat, stick the middle of it onto the vertical rod and its ends onto the horizontal one and we can even provide wounds by using red pepper. Then the body and the legs. Don’t forget about the loincloth (wastecloth) that can be made by using the peel of an onion. Grill it, then serve placed in a half lemon. Christ’s body. Bless you.


Canvas on oil

Painting paste to the wall with own image

Bad painting

kneel on marrowbones in a corny corner

2008. március 22., szombat

Judit Fischer - Never

Gergő Orbán - Origami rubbish (the folding guide)

Lo: Gergő Orbáns origami rubbish

I invented this form and named it 'Rubbish'.
I folded it twice just to make it unambiguous that it is
not a rubbish which was just creased by somebody
but the result of a conscious folding process.
By the help of its folding description it can be reproduced any times.
(The first one was so lifelike (realistic)
that my girlfriend actually threw it into the litter bin.)

Refuting the criticism of a critique (video loop)

1 min. 45 sec. avidia loop from the “Hungarian Justice and Life” series,
A young man in black jacket, pink David’s star on the shoulder,
hitting the head of a homeless with a baguette.

Miklós Mécs - Altkleider (video loop)

A Central East European in East Central Europe

It is now safe...